Complaints Process

CalMHSA will investigate all complaints made against certified Peer Support Specialists and approved training entities. CalMHSA will also review any appeals related to denials for application for certification, suspension or revocation of a certification, denials for certification renewal, and denials for application for training.

  1.  To file a complaint send an email to [email protected]
  2.  You will receive an acknowledgment of receipt of your complaint or request for appeal via electronic communication, email, or letter within 5-business days of the receipt by CalMHSA.
  3.  CalMHSA will complete investigations of complaints or review of appeals within 90-calendar days of receipt.
  4.  CalMHSA may extend the investigation or review if additional time is necessary to complete the process for up to 30-calendar days.
  5.  CalMHSA will notify the person or agency making the complaint or requesting an appeal via electronic communication. 
  6.  CalMHSA will update the Certificant Registry within 72-hours of the change in certification status of a Certified Medi-Cal Peer Support Specialist.

Certified Medi-Cal Peer Support Specialist Complaints and/or Complaints About an Approved Training Entity

1. A beneficiary/recipient of care may file a complaint using the county behavioral health problem resolution process and/or the process by CalMHSA.

A. County behavioral health plans shall follow the established problem resolution process.

B. Complaints related to a breach of the Medi-Cal Code of Ethics for Medi-Cal Peer Support Specialists may be submitted, either simultaneously or directly to CalMHSA.

2.  Complaints related to approved training entities must be made directly to CalMHSA.


1. A certified Medi-Cal Peer Support Specialist may file an appeal for denial, suspension, revocation of a certification and denial of certification renewal.

2. A training entity may file an appeal for denial of an application, renewal of status, and revocation of status as an approved training entity.