California Mental Health Services Authority

Grandparenting Scholarship


We are excited to begin processing scholarship applications for persons seeking certification under the grandparenting process. The grandparenting process is a mechanism in which peers from the existing workforce that have met grandparenting requirements, may apply for certification, based on training and work experience. The scholarships for grandparenting are open May 2, 2022 through September 30, 2022 December 31, 2022, or until scholarships have been depleted.

How does this work?

The peer support benefit is a county behavioral health benefit under Medi-Cal program. As such, county behavioral health plans who have elected to implement the Medi-Cal peer benefit, provide names of potential applicants for the application for a scholarship. County behavioral health plans will provide names of potential applicants from within their behavioral health provider networks. CalMHSA will reference the lists of applicants it receives from county behavioral health plans with applications for scholarship.

To see a complete disclosure of the qualifications of the Grandparenting Process please click here.

Please click here if you have been notified by your county behavioral health plan to complete an application for certification.