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The National Alliance on Mental Illness California (NAMI CA) is a grassroots organization dedicated to advocating for diverse members in California affected by mental illness. NAMI California has 56 local affiliates and represents 19,000 people in California Legislature on mental illness issues. Driven to advocate for lives of quality, without discrimination and stigma; NAMI CA provides leadership in legislation, policy development, community engagement, and education throughout California. Enhancing a mission to educate families, professionals, and the public about scientific evidence signifying those serious mental illnesses are neurobiological brain disorders; NAMI CA aims to provide a strong, coherent system that offers continuum of care with best practices for the persistent needs of all peers. The organization has grown by responding with passion, urgency, and creativity to local needs; assembling a strong governance board of directors and diverse staff; and earning and retaining the trust of individuals, diverse communities, and community partners.

Medi-Cal Peer Support Specialist Certification Training Schedule

Training Method: Online only using Zoom

Training Modality: Cohort style

Training Length: 13 days or 2.5 weeks

Training Hours: M-Fri 4:30pm- 8:30pm

Registration Capacity: Up to 60 students per cohort

To Register or for more information:

Contact Information:

Coordinator: Rebecca Kim – [email protected]