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WestCoast Children’s Clinic is a nonprofit outpatient community mental health clinic serving Bay Area children, youth, families, and caregivers since 1979. WestCoast provides services through four programs that range from short-term to sustained services over many years. Our mission is threefold: 1) to provide psychological services to vulnerable children, adolescents, and their families regardless of their ability to pay; to positively influence the larger community by training the next generation of providers of mental health services; and 3) to provide research and advocacy for vulnerable children. To that end, we ensure that our Training Programs bring learning opportunities that encourage positive wellbeing, empowerment, and exceptional care and services for all individuals seeking services.

Medi-Cal Peer Support Specialist Certification Training Schedule

Training Method: Online (live) / Asynchronous 

Training Modality:  Cohort

Training Location(s):  Online

Training Length: 80 hours total. Number of weeks of training depends on cohort and schedule.

Training Hours: Varies by cohort 

Registration Capacity: 30 students per cohort maximum

Link to register for classes:

Please email [email protected] for the latest registration information.

Training Coordinator Contact Information:     

Erin Rosenblatt, or JeriAna Harris

Email: [email protected]