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Crestwood Behavioral Health, Inc. is a leader in providing mental health services throughout California. Crestwood created the training department – Recovery Resilience Solutions (RRS). RRS focuses on strengthening recovery and resilience principles and supporting the development of peer workforces throughout California, other states and internationally. To meet diverse training needs, RRS curricula is designed and created by individuals with a lived experience to support individuals with a lived experience. RRS is a department of people with a combined lived recovery experience of 450 years. We call this credential of “having been there” our ITE, i.e., “I’m The Evidence that recovery and resilience are real!” We are also a group of professionals with a combined working experience of 300 years of serving, mentoring, coaching, and training people who receive behavioral health services; practitioner staff who do the serving; and behavioral and/or integrated health organizations and systems that deliver those services.

Medi-Cal Peer Support Specialist Certification Training Schedule

Recovery Resilience Solutions (RRS) offers training in three different modalities. Each modality provides a unique and engaging learning experience grounded in recovery and resilience principles. Our training approach uses best-practice adult learning principles and is highly interactive and skill-based. Although RRS promotes an onsite learning experience, all modalities provide the opportunity for participants to apply and master skills/competencies in a collaborative environment.

Training Method: Varies

Onsite: 2 weeks (10 days), 8 hours per day.
Total training hours = 80 hours.
Cohort size – up to 20 people.

Hybrid (part online [live, facilitated]/part onsite): 9 days, 6 hours per day – online.

1 week, 8 hours per day – onsite. Total training hours = 94 hours.

Cohort size – up to 15 people.

Virtual (online – live, facilitated): 16 sessions, 6 hours per day.

Total training hours = 96 hours. Cohort size – up to 15 people.

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James Ritchie- Director of Operations
Phone: 209.313.4511
Email: [email protected]