Medi-Cal Peer Support Specialist Certification

Curriculum Crosswalk Rubric for CMPSS Training (80 hours)

All training providers must submit curriculum using the “curriculum rubric crosswalk” attached. CalMHSA will use the information from the rubric to better understand how the training content will be used to meet each objective of the core competency. Please make sure to include page-slide numbers with detailed information in the crosswalk template, including, but not limited to: Group Work- must include outline of discussion and learning expectations; On-Line Videos – must include the links to training videos to be used in training; Quizzes – must include questions or quizzes the participant may be expected to answer (include answer key); and Supplemental Learning Material (i.e., student manual, resources, etc.)

Provider/Agency Name:




Medi-Cal Peer Support Specialist Core Competencies

Training Provider Content for each Core Competency:

No. of Training Hours

Measure of Competency

1.       The concepts of hope, recovery, and wellness




2.       The Role of Advocacy





3.       The role of Consumers and Family Members 




4.       Psychiatric rehabilitation skills and service delivery, 
and addiction recovery principles, including defined practices




5.       Cultural and structural competence trainings




6.       Trauma-informed care




7.       Group facilitation skills 





8.       Self-awareness and self-care




9.       Co-occurring disorders of mental health and substance 




10.   Conflict resolution 





11.   Professional boundaries and ethics 




12.   Preparation for employment opportunities, including 
study and test-taking skills, application and résumé preparation, interviewing, 
and other potential requirements for employment




13.   Safety and crisis planning 




14.   Navigation of, and referral to, other services




15.   Documentation skills and standards 




16.   Confidentiality 





17.   Digital literacy





Total Training Hours (minimum 80-hours required):


Example- Completed Core Curriculum Training Rubric

Medi-Cal Peer Support Specialist Core Competencies

Training Provider Curriculum for each Core Competency (must include page/slide numbers):

No. of Training Hours

Measure of Competency

Area of competency


1.       Week 1- Foundations of Peer Work:

      a. History of peer work (slide 27-34)

      b. Peer Values (slide 35-40)

2.       Week 3- self-disclosure (pages 57, 73, 81-83)


3 hours

This section should contain information on how the program measures skill, knowledge, ability is met.



1.       Week 4 Quiz (hyperlink to material)