Medi-Cal Peer Support Specialist Certification


We are thrilled by your interest in becoming an approved training provider for the CalMHSA Medi-Cal Peer Support Specialists Certification Program. This guide furnishes crucial details for achieving approval as a training provider — facilitating professional development and progress in peer support. By reviewing this application, you embark on the initial phase of joining esteemed CalMHSA-training providers dedicated to delivering top-tier training and bolstering the behavioral health workforce within Medi-Cal programs. 

The Training Provider Application Guide furnishes prospective training providers with comprehensive information on the process of becoming a CalMHSA-approved provider.

General Information


Training applications are accepted during the following annual cycles: 

  • January 1 – 31: Continuing Education (CE) Training (varies) 
  • July 1 – 31: Medi-Cal Peer Support Specialist Training (80 hours) 

Application cycles for training in areas of specialization are not currently open. The open application cycles are to be determined.  

  • Parent, Caregiver, Family Member (40 hours) 
  • Peer Services in Crisis Care (40 hours) 
  • Peer Services for Unhoused (40 hours) 
  • Peer Services for Justice Involved (40 hours) 

Applications must be submitted electronically through the certification website portal. An application must be completed for each training type and language for which you are applying.  

A separate application fee is required for each application being submitted. For example, if a training provider is interested in applying for two training areas, they must submit two separate applications and pay fees for each application.   


Applications for Spanish language trainings are accepted. All participant informing-material must also be written in Spanish (i.e., refund policies, evaluations, etc.).


Upon approval, training providers will be granted recognition as a CalMHSA-approved training provider for a duration of 2 years, commencing from the CalMHSA-Approved Training Provider Agreement execution date.

  • Prospective training providers are highly encouraged to read the application in its entirety before applying to become training providers. Prospective providers are expected to submit all required information to avoid processing delays.  
  • Only electronic applications will be accepted through the CalMHSA application portal on the certification website. A completed application includes: 1) online application, 2) associated fees, and 3) training materials within the approved timeframe.  
  • Applications that do not meet the required timeframes will be denied. Please make note of application processing times prior to applying to avoid any processing delays.  

CalMHSA requires a fully executed contract between the training provider and CalMHSA before the commencement of training is permitted. Prospective training providers may not begin training or advertisement for training courses until written approval is received from CalMHSA, which includes having a fully executed contract between the training provider and CalMHSA. No exceptions will be granted.  


CalMHSA cannot accept any training material or supplemental training material that is subject to copyright. If your agency wishes to use training material developed by a different organization, written proof of copyright permission must accompany the training application.  

Application Information


Applications are submitted on the CalMHSA certification website application portal. An application must be completed for each training type for which you wish to apply.  


A non-refundable training provider application fee must accompany this application. Fee must be paid at the time of application submission or no later than 72 hours from the submission of the application. An application must be completed, and a fee is required for each training type for which you wish to apply. The non-refundable application fee is considered an administrative fee.  


CalMHSA will process complete applications within 90 days of receipt. It is the training provider’s responsibility to make necessary revisions in a timely manner to avoid processing delays. Applications exceeding the 90-day review are subject to denial.   

Incomplete applications will be held for three business days from the date submitted. Applications that remain incomplete will be voided, fees will be forfeited, and will require a new application. The training provider bears responsibility to provide a complete application.  


Upon approval, training providers will be granted recognition as a CalMHSA-approved training provider for a duration of two years, commencing from the application approval date; this means the date on the fully executed contract is signed between CalMHSA and the training provider.  


Site Visit. A CalMHSA representative may conduct periodic visits to an approved training provider site. CalMHSA will provide reasonable notice to the training provider in advance of the visit. CalMHSA may review the training provider’s training records, including training content, participant records, marketing material, and other related materials to monitor compliance with the guidelines and contractual agreements.  

Data Collection. Training providers are required to collect and maintain the following data for training participants, including, but not limited to:  

  • Contact information including: legal name, telephone number, and email address.  
  • Dates of training registration/enrollment.   
  • Language(s) in which the training was delivered.   
  • Format or modality of training (in-person, asynchronous, online, and/or hybrid).   
  • Course completion statistics, including non-completions.  
  • All reasonable accommodation(s) requested and/or provided, if applicable.   

Please note: Data collection is subject to change based on updated guidelines by the Department of Health Care Services.   


Renewal applications must be submitted prior to expiration of contract agreement. Renewal applications follow the same requirements and process as initial applications, with the exception of any curriculum changes, which will require completing the Training Curriculum Modification Request Template to notify CalMHSA of changes or modifications to the previously approved training curriculum. 

Directions for Submitting Application

For more details and step-by-step instructions on the trainer application process, visit the Resource Library where you can view, read and download the complete Training Provider Guide.