Medi-Cal Peer Support Specialist Certification

Fee Schedule

Fees for the cost of application, training, and the certification exam along with biennial renewal and ancillary fees.

Certification Renewal & Continuing Education Requirements

To maintain certification, Certified Medi-Cal Peer Support Specialists (CMPSS) recertification is required every two years. This page covers the requirements for recertification and around continued education (CE) acceptable criteria.

Code of Ethics Violation Guidelines

Back to Code of Ethics Code of Ethics Violation Guidelines The following guidelines are used to address violations of the Medi-Cal Code Ethics for Certified Peer Support Specialists in California by the California Mental Health Services Authority. The guidelines will be used by the certifying entity for the determination of sanctions. The guidelines are not […]

JAWS Screen Reader Accommodation

This documents is for test-takers who need screen reader technology. CalMHSA allows JAWS® screen reader software, which reads the text that is displayed on the computer screen to the test-taker, or human readers to assist test-takers by reading the exam aloud.

Exam Comfort Aid List

The below items are comfort aids and do not require a CalMHSA pre-approval or an accommodation request. They will be allowed in the testing room upon visual inspection by the Test Center or Online Proctored staff. Visual inspection will be done by examining the item without directly touching it (or the candidate) and without asking the candidate to remove the item, unless otherwise stated below.

In-Person Exam: What to Expect

Download PDF Security and Admission Procedures Important: Your confirmation email will inform you how early to arrive at your appointment, make sure you arrive on time. Do not forget your identification. If you do not bring your identification, you cannot take the exam and will forfeit your exam fee. Admission Process 1. When you arrive, […]

How To – Upload Training Certificate

Download PDF The training completed for the initial Peer Support Certification must be an 80-hour course covering the 17 core competencies provided by a CalMHSA-approved training provider and completed after July 1, 2022. Below are the instructions on how to upload your training certificate to be approved to take the certification exam. Documents required:  PDF, JPEG or PNG […]

Grandparenting Guidelines

This document describes grandparenting requirements such as employment date and hours, letters of recommendation, peer training, continued education hours, and exam.

Exam Accommodation Policy

The exam accommodation policy explains our policy and procedure to requests accommodations during the certification examination.