Training for In-Crisis Care Services

In-Crisis Peer support services can complement clinical services and help individuals in crisis. The inclusion of peer support workers in crisis care helps facilitate a trauma-informed response and recovery oriented and strengths-based approaches. Peer support workers demonstrate that recovery is possible and act as an advocate for the individual. This may help improve outcomes, such as reduced trauma and agitation, increased trust, reduced hospitalizations and emergency department usage for mental and/or substance use disorders, reduced recurrence of symptoms, and decreased recidivism. 

Additional hours of learning will be required for Medi-Cal Peers Support Specialist to specialize in crisis peer work. Training will focus on the following competencies:

  1. Pathways to Crisis
  2. Prevention and De-Escalation
  3. Engagement and Resource Connection / Navigation
  4. Person-Centered Trauma-Informed
  5. Co-occurring disorders of mental health and substance use
  6. Recognize and Respond to Crisis and Emergency Situations
  7. De-Escalation and Crisis Resolution
  8. Crisis and special populations
  9. Post-Crisis Support
  10. Self-awareness and self-care.